Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors

Mrs Joanne Saville

I was first appointed as a parent governor whilst my two children attended Grange Park and before that at Stirchley Primary.
I now stand as a community governor and feel a strong bond to the school and the community around it.

Grange Park is a fabulous school, a school built on caring Teachers, great support staff and where children are supported to be the best they can be.
I am proud to be associated with the school and do my best as a Governor to offer ongoing support and encouragement.


Mr Richard Thorpe

I have been Head at Grange Park since it opened in September 2010. Prior to that I was Headteacher at Three Oak Primary School. I am proud to be part of the team at Grange Park and am very lucky to work with such committed and hardworking Staff and Governors, who are all, as am I, totally focused on making this the best possible school for our children and the community.

Staff Governors

Mr Ian Lambie

I have worked at Grange Park since 2015 and I currently teach in Year 6 after teaching for three years in Year 4. I feel very lucky to work in such a great school with a great team of people, all of whom make Grange Park a positive environment for both staff and pupils.

As well as teaching in Year 6, I am responsible for the school’s online safety curriculum and more recently, have become Behaviour Lead.

Community Governors

Mrs Gillian Bailey (Vice Chair)

I’m Gillian Bailey and I am the Parish Clerk for Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council. I was appointed as a Community Governor in 2018 and am very proud to join the Grange Park School team. I am one of the Safeguarding leads.

Throughout my ten years working for the Parish Council I have enjoyed working closely with Grange Park School on a number of community projects including bulb planting, litter picking and growing for ‘Pot your own Day’.

I am passionate about developing strong links between schools and communities and hope that in my role as governor I can bring more opportunities for working in partnership to the school.

Mr Bill McClements

I have been involved with Grange Park for the past 4⅟2 years getting the finance and plans to build the new school in place. I am very committed to ensuring that all children in the Stirchley area get excellent education.

My work experience in Business and Council Finance will be used to ensure the best outcomes for Grange Park School, Children and Staff.

My areas of special interest are:

Finance, Personnel & Complaints Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Link Governor for Maths

Mrs Jackie Hickman

I became a governor at Stirchley Primary School 22 years ago when I was a nurse at Stirchley Medical Centre, because I knew most of the pupils and their parents through my work. I was interested in education and it was a good way to become more involved with the Stirchley community. I was chair of governors for 18 years and have developed good relationships with staff over the years. When the school merged with Three Oaks Primary School to become Grange Park Primary School I wished to maintain that contact and service.

I bring many years expertise in primary school governance to the governing body, with special interests in Literacy, Music, Learning Innovation & Whole School Projects, Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing and Health & Safety. Recently I have trained some pupils in first aid and have become involved in sex education at the school.

Parent Governors

Mr Carl Bowman

I am proud to be a Parent Governor at Grange Park, and committed to supporting the school in its continued success. I became a Parent Governor because I want to make a positive contribution towards our children's education.

I have one child currently at the school and another due to start shortly, so I see on a day to day basis what inspirational impact the school has on all the children.

My engineering background has given me skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, and numeracy which promote my special interests in the Financial and Mathematical side of governance.

I am dedicated to the role of parent governor and will use my personal and professional experiences to benefit the school and its pupils.

Mrs Louise Weaver

My name is Louise Weaver and I’m a Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Specialist covering Shropshire and Mid wales. I have been in this role for nearly 5 years now and before that I worked on the Children’s ward at The Royal Shrewsbury hospital as a Children’s nurse for 10 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career to date and feel that it has given me the skills necessary to fulfil my role as a parent governor.

I am Married to Gary and have two boys who are 11 and 7 years old. My eldest has just started secondary school and had a fantastic time at Grange Park. My younger son is in year 3 and really enjoys coming to school. For us as a family, we have always found the staff and ethos of the school to be so welcoming and friendly, it’s hard not to want to be part of it!

I am looking forward to being part of the governing body and contributing to positive outcomes for staff and pupils alike. My background will help me to focus on key areas such as literacy and safeguarding. I can’t wait for the challenge ahead!