Phase 3

In this Phase a further 25 letters and graphemes are taught. The final 2 sets of letters are taught first.
Set 6 j / v / w / x
Set 7 y / z, zz / qu
Once Sets 6 & 7 have been taught children learn about graphemes where more than one letter represents a single unit of sound.
Click on each grapheme to download a set of A5 flashcards showing words containing it (your child can practise reading these).
*The grapheme 'th' represents more than one sound. You may need to listen carefully to hear the difference.

**The grapheme 'oo' also represents more than one sound.
Phase 3 Resources
Spelling Support

The resources in this section could be used to support children with spelling across all Phases of Letters and Sounds.

In school, we use a system called 'look / say / cover / write / check' to help children learn their spellings. Some of the resources below help support this.