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Bad Weather Procedure

The decision on whether or not to close a school is made by the individual head teacher and governing body of that school. Any queries should, therefore, be directed to the individual schools.

Information on Grange Park School closures will be on this website as well as the schools facebook and twitter pages or contact the school office. More information will be available from the external links on this page.


I felt parents might appreciate an early reminder of our procedures for closure of the school. In the event of particularly poor weather (or other emergency situations) the Headteacher and Chair of Governors will make the decision whether to close the school or not. We never wish close the school and understand the problems this causes for parents and children, but in emergency situations we unfortunately sometimes need to do so. This decision is based on a number of important factors:

  • The priority MUST be to ensure the safety of young children
  • The school needs to be in full working order and in a safe condition to accept children (i.e. heating, electricity, water, the building, cooking facilities must all be operational. Health and Safety law MUST be considered)
  • The school MUST have the correct ratio of staff on site to look after the children properly.
  • We need to be aware that some staff travel a very long way to get to work and may put themselves in danger doing so in poor weather conditions. The majority of children live within a short walking distance of school.

Each individual school makes its own decision as to open or close when conditions are challenging. We all operate under different circumstances, with different staff and with different day-to-day arrangements.

If our school is closed before the day starts, we will do our best to leave:

  • Parent Mail message to all parents
  • Leave a sign board outside of school
  • Leave a message on
  • Leave a message on local radio stations (please note this has NOT been a reliable source in the past) – we advise you listen to BBC Radio Shropshire 

NB: Dependent on conditions and staff available it may not be possible to use some, or even ALL of these methods !

It is essential that parents/carers DO NOT send ANY children to school unaccompanied when weather conditions are particularly poor, without FIRST checking that the school is open.

Parents will be informed when the school is open again using one or all of the above methods