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Early Help

At Grange Park Primary School, we look to establish good relationships with our children and their families.  Members of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) open the doors every morning to greet the children, and are always happy to speak to parents if they have any messages or concerns to discuss. We will also arrange to meet at a more convenient time and place if they have something they want to discuss in more depth.   

We also have a dedicated parent’s email address:

Parents/carers can make contact with school at any time during weekends or the school holidays. 

Through this contact with parents and encouraging parents to come to us and share any changes in family circumstances, worries or challenges, this ensures we have a high culture of vigilance. We aim to look to support families at the earliest opportunity and we do this in a number of ways.  This process is called Early Help and looks to draw on a range of support, by both signposting parents to services accessible to all and also accessing more targeted services such as Strengthening Families, BEAM and BeeU. This support is time limited and focused on working with families to achieve change together. Parents will meet with their Early Help Lead Professional around every 6-8 weeks to see how the agreed actions are going and agree new ones. 

 If you feel your family might benefit from Early Help support, please contact school and ask to speak with Zoe Meredith (Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead.)

You could also visit this website which offers practical tips to support children’s wellbeing and behaviour:  Place2Be: Parenting Smart: Articles