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Phase 2

Phase 2 - Letters & Sounds

In Phase 2 children are introduced to 19 letters grouped into 5 sets. One set will generally be taught in one week.

Set 1 s / a / t / p
Set 2 i / n / m / d
Set 3 g / o / c / k
Set 4 ck / e / u / r
Set 5 h / b / f, ff / l, ll / ss

Children are encouraged to begin 'blending' the letters into words straight away. Therefore, having been taught to recognise only Set 1, children can make (and read) 'at' / 'sat' / 'pat' etc.

Nonsense words, such as 'tas' (using Set 1) are also acceptable as they allow children to explore sounds freely. Mis-spelt words (that are phonetically correct) are also allowable e.g. 'pas' (with Set 1) although, in time, you would want to point out the correct spelling: 'pass'.

As children learn all the Sets in Phase 2, they will be able to make (and read) an ever growing number of words. The 'Reading Word List' below for Phase 2 shows some of the many words that can be made as each Set is taught.

You will notice that double consonants (ff / ss / ll) are taught early to show children that sometimes more than one letter can represent a single sound. In the case of these letters, it is the same sound as the single letter respresents. In Phase 3 children will learn that this is not always the case.

The grapheme 'ck' is taught at this stage as it features in many of the early words that children learn e.g. back / neck / sack.