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RSE (Relationship & Sex Education)

From September 2020, all primary schools were required by the government to teach Relationships and Health Education. At Grange Park this is an integral part of our PSHE curriculum offer and is delivered annually through the 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me' units, during the summer term. As with all our other half termly units, children revisit the same six units, each one drawing on the prior knowledge gained in the previous year’s unit and moving the children’s learning forward at an age-appropriate level.

Our Relationships Education is designed to help children to have positive and safe relationships with family, friends and online. Health Education will help children to make good decisions about their health and wellbeing and enable them to know how to seek support if any health issues arise for themselves or others.

The main aims of our RSE curriculum offer are:

• To enable children to understand and respect their bodies
• To help children develop positive and healthy relationships appropriate to their age and development
• To support children to have positive self-esteem and body image
• To empower them to be safe and safeguarded