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Science at Grange Park is taught through the Cornerstones Maestro curriculum offer. Science projects are sequenced to develop both children’s substantive and declarative knowledge, and where possible, make meaningful links to other projects.

For example, in Year 3, the projects Plant Nutrition and Reproduction and Light and Shadows are taught alongside the design and technology project Greenhouse and the art and design project Beautiful Botanicals. These links allow for children to embed their substantive knowledge in new and often real-life contexts.


The sequencing of projects ensures that children have the substantive knowledge and vocabulary equipping them with the prior knowledge needed to be able to access the learning in subsequent projects fully. Each project’s place in the year has also been carefully considered.

For example, projects that involve growing plants or observing animals are positioned at a suitable time of year to give children the best possible opportunity to make first-hand observations. Within all the science projects, disciplinary knowledge is embedded within substantive content.