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Vision Statement

Our world is constantly changing and we know that our children’s world will be very different from ours. It is our responsibility, as parents and educators, to prepare them for it.

Our vision at Grange Park is to teach our children to know, to want to know, to hope, to care, to be ambitious and ultimately to make a positive contribution to their community and the world they live in.

School Aims 

  • For every child to be happy and enjoy coming to school,
  • To ensure all children feel safe and secure in school,
  • For all children to be successful learners and achieve their full potential,
  • To provide children with a wide range of experiences by delivering an exciting and engaging curriculum, which encourages children to ask questions about the world they live in,
  • To encourage children to be respectful and responsible citizens.


These are the values we want to promote with everyone connected to our school, and most importantly the things we want our children to value.